Notes on the Board of Selectmen Meeting – May 18, 2015

The Purchase and Sale Agreement for the North 40 is due to be signed on June 8th at a 4 p.m. (Note: Meetings for the summer will be in the late afternoon.)

  • Modifications to the Agreement include an additional five acres of land being set aside for CPC.
  • Wellesley College insisted that 26.7 acres are to be allocated for open space.
  • The parties are still working out some issues with Dark Skies requirement.
  • 13.3 acres remain for potential development (there was conversation about housing, senior housing, recreational facility,  playing fields, roads)
  • Environmental concerns will become clearer later this year and early in 2016.  This may delay the process of development.
  • Bond and financial information was discussed.  Please see meeting on Wellesley Media for details.

 Next meeting is slated for June 1st at 4 p.m.

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